Dining out Turkish style

Dining out is a special experience in Turkey, whether at a backstreet lokanta or a fine restaurant, and you can always be sure of a warm welcome.

On arrival, your waiter may welcome you with Hoş geldiniz! to which you reply Hoşbulduk.

Then he will ask what you would like to drink: Ne içersiniz?

You might choose from these:

su    water      kola    cola      meyve suyu    fruit juice

bira    beer      şarap    wine     ayran   yogurt drink  

Next, what you will find on the sofra or yemek masası  dining table:

bardak    glass      

bıçak    knife    

fincan    cup

çatal fork    

kaşık    spoon    

tabak    plate    

kase    bowl  

peçete    napkin    

tuz    salt        biber, karabiber    pepper

mönü (or yemek listesi)    menu

How do you ask for what you want? You can choose from the following phrases:

_____________ alabilirmiyim lutfen? Can I have ___________ please?

______________ rica ederim. (this is already polite so there is no need to add please or thank you)

If you want to know whether they have a certain item, you can say:

______________ var mi acaba? I wonder if you have _____________ / if there is any _______.

It is a good idea to start with a selection of meze, appetisers. These are mostly cold dishes, and there is something to suit everyone, from creamy smoked aubergine puree to spicy meatballs, all accompanied with fresh crusty bread.

Next time, we’ll look at some food vocabulary.

Until then, Afiyet olsun! (Enjoy your food!)


About turkishtutor

Experienced and Cambridge certified teacher of English and Turkish. Lived and worked in Turkey and New Zealand, now back in the UK and teaching online for the past 5 years.
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